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Pool Dust is a long-running skate zine published by Chris "Wez" Lundry throughout the 1990s from Seattle, WA, before relocating to Tempe, AZ.

Pool Dust started in 1988 in Seattle, WA. Pool Dust's focus has always been pool skating, which remains the one true underground form of skateboarding. The zine has also always had punk rock content. It featured band interviews in the mid-90s, usually with two bands facing each other and playing leisure games, like the Fallouts versus the Man-Tee-Mans at croquet, the Diesel Queens versus Steel Wool at bocce, the Sinister Six versus th Wedgwood Bombers at lawn darts, Head versus Gas Huffer at bowling, the Solid Statesmen versus the Statics at laser tag, etc. It also published columns written by such luminaries as Suzy Creamcheese, Haywood Jablowmne, Cuddles Lollipop, Jr., and Dick Charles, reported to be a Seattle area punk rock celebrity, but whose real identity was never revealed. Pool Dust still published sporadically from Tempe, AZ, where the editor Wez Lundry now lives. The zine has continuously been a fun romp through skateboard culture featuring lots of pictures, skate park and skating trip reviews, band interviews and more.

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