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Plan dementure wrestling ghoul (September 2001-) is a Dandenong, Victoria, Australia based Mexican wrestling/pop culture zine written by J-F Ghoul. Plan Dementure Wrestling Ghoul, or PDWG as it became known was created with a "If they can do, I can do it" mentality. At the time, the Mexi-Lucha pop culture was yet to infiltrate Australia and the zines creator, J-F, was interested in creating something that appealed to lovers of trashy Pop Culture.

With very little experience and a limited source of reference, J-F created PDWG while working a 12 hour night shift. As he didnt know the normal cycle of the average zinester, each issue was pumped out in quick succession until issue 6 when he decided to fold.

There were plans to bring out an omnibus of all 6 six issues as well as a follow up zine called "Geriatric Profanity Disorder" however there has been no word on these products yet.

PDWG became well know within the Melbourne and Sydney zine communities, and J-F Ghoul appeared on Panels at the National Young Writers Festival (complete with Mexican Wrestling mask) to discuss the ins and outs of obscure subject zines.

Along the way PDWG gained acclaim and postive reviews in publications like Betty Paginated and Nerdling.


No. 1 (September 2001)

No. 2 (November 2001)

No. 3 (December 2001)

No. 4 (n.d.)

No. 5 (2002)

No. 5.5 (2002)

No. 6 (2002)