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Pixel THis is an independent magazine from Nicosia, Cyprus.

Born on the 13th of October 2003, PIXEL THIS zine is a communication medium that aims to bring together voices to unleash feelings, concepts, desires, experiments, thoughts and questions. Targeted to creative lovers, every issue will have a theme that all contributing artists (local & international) will work towards – the zine accepts illustrations, photographs, graphic art, poetry, articles, and rants; basically anything that can be printed. The zine’s format is: 20x20cm, black & white, photocopied, staple bind, in plastic sleeve and sealed with paper sticker and is sold for CYP3.00.

A launch party for each issue is usually organised at the Pantheon Cultural Association – which is a great way to network with creative individuals and promote self-publishing.

PIXEL THIS was launched in an effort to promote various creative people from Cyprus within a medium free of editorial control, and to promote the wonderful world of self-publishing. Soon the zine opened its pages to international contributors who shared a DIY approach and that were keen to support the initiative. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is about taking control away from corporate consumer influence and creating things on your own terms, promoting unity and communication diversity through a creative exchange. There are many forms of DIY, self-publishing is one of them. PIXEL THIS promotes and supports other forms of DIY too.

PIXEL THIS is run by a couple of people who wish to spread the love of zine making.

Additional Notes

The Pantheon Cultural Association organised an open air festival titled URBAN SOUL in the centre of Nicosia on the September 2006 that aimed to bring together various creative people from different fields to express themselves through various mediums. PIXEL THIS had managed the Independent Publishers section that hosted a number of local and international self-published magazines. URBAN SOUL will take place on the 29 September 2007, and PIXEL THIS will be managing the Independent Publishers section again. For more information please visit the Urban Soul Festival website.

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