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Photodrome Issue Two

Photodrome was a hardcore punk photozine by Rita Laberto, published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Photodrome was released in the 1980's and exclusively featured photographs of hardcore bands in concert from around the world. Bands included in issue two are Alternative Inuits, Life Sentence, Youth of Today, Straight Ahead, Capitalist Alienation, Scream, Indigesti, Negazine, Stinky Rats, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, Wolf Pack, New Balance, Confront, Pillsbury Hardcore!, Winterswyx Chaos Front, Kina, Larm, Dead Brain Cells, Missing Link, D.O.G., Raw Power, Hyper As Hell, Nunfuckers, The Ramones, Heresy, False Hope, Youth Inc., S.N.F.U., Bad Brains, Circus Lupis, Guilt Parade, M.S.I., Skeezicks, G.I.'s, Accüsed, Outface, Dead Milkmen, Agnostic Front, Crash Box, P.E.D., Halfoff, Boys For Social Liberty, Rollins Band, The Doughboys, and a photo of guitarist Scott Williams (1968-1987).

Photographers included the editor, Rita Laberto, as well as Ben, Beppe, Bicio, A. Crovetii, Geoff Nicholsan, Theun K., Antonio, Francesca, Stephan Sano, Gregg Patton, and Krisi.