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Pagan's Head was a 1990's zine written by novelist, journalist, and prolific writer, Pagan Kennedy. Kennedy started publishing the zine in 1988, when she was 25-years old. The first issue was titled Back to Pagan. The title changed to Back to Pagan's Head for the second issue, then back to Back to Pagan for issues 3 and 4, and finally to Pagan's Head for the remaining issues. The final issue, #8, was published in 1993.

The zine focused mostly on pop culture in general (especially 1970's related) and Kennedy's personal life in particular. The zines featured a mix of writing, illustrations, and comic strips drawn by Kennedy. Frequent topics included the Partridge Family, Kennedy's friends and love life, Kennedy's changing hair styles, travelogues, and letters from Kennedy's readers and friends. The final issue featured an extended comic strip about Kennedy's diagnosis with an ovarian cyst, which led to surgery to remove the cyst and conflicting advice from doctors about subsequent treatment.

All issues were eventually compiled into the book Zine: How I Spent Six Years of My Life in the Underground and Finally... Found Myself... I Think.

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