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Override was a fanzine produced by XMA guitarist Glenn Bradford, and sold at gigs around the Nottinghamshire area, UK.

Front covers boasted the strap-line: 'Punk*Rock*Tattoos*Life', with content split between these different aspects of the punk rock lifestyle. It was a printed fanzine that ran for three issues during 2009. A fourth issue was scrapped due to dwindling interest, and failure to secure interviews.


Interviewed bands included: Sorry and the Sinatras, 2 Sick Monkeys, The Rabble, Teenage Bottlerocket, The 241ers, The Restarts, XMA, Crazy Arm, Left Alone, Banditos, Middle Finger Salute, Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle, Dirty Filthy Mugs, Anti-Social Burnouts, Goldblade, Debt collectors, Just Add Monsters


The 'zine included interviews with tattooists Rich Hadley, and Andy Dykes (Timeless Tradition Tattoos), as well as interviewing musicians about their own ink. The Tattoo You section of the 'zine featured Jim Bones of The Strawberry Blondes (issue 1), Britt from Assert (issue 2).


Override also included interviews with promoters, artists, and designers. These included: Lenny(Notts Punk Club), Maze McPunklett (Punklett Promotions), Carp(Artist/Designer). There was also artwork from Kieran Plunkett (The Restarts), and Andy Dykes.

The Rest

Features, such as, Forgotten Gems, Recommended, Do You Remember?, and Off Yer Chest, ran throughout the three issues. Several pages of reviews were always included, as well as a number of columns. Contributors were Mr. T (Lights Go Out), Jessie Eastfield, and Billy Liar (tour diary in issue 3).