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Outhouse Publishing Distro was started in 2003 by Bob Sheairs, as a part of Outhouse Publishing, his overall independent publishing project. Feeling frustrated at the lack of responses he was getting from most distros in his attempt to distro his own zine, BOB, the decision was made to create a new distro that would be more attentive to the needs of other zinesters.

In an attempt to break out of the "online and snail-mail" distro mold, OP Distro started approaching local (Southern NJ) stores, hoping that they would carry the indy publications in a custom-made Zine Kiosk (rack). Eventually, three businesses did accept OP Distro's offer, and Zine Kiosks operated at Green Heart Enviromental Shop (Collingswood, NJ, closed), MarsRED Music (Haddonfield, NJ), and Books-n-Things (PA).

Events and Activities

In an attempt to create more of a local zine community for the state of NJ, Sheairs organized the New Jersey Zine Awareness Group (NJZAG), and currently publishes the quarterly newsletter for the group. Consisting of lists of zines created within NJ and distros operating out of NJ, the newsletter strives to foster a better community for zinesters and independent publishers in NJ.

OP Distro has tabled at zine fests in Philadelphia and New Jersey since it's inception.

Sheairs documented the 2004 Philly Zine Fest in a DVD of the same title (available on the OP Distro web site).

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