Out From The Shadows

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The cover of the first issue of Out From the Shadows

Out From the Shadows was a "vegan straight edge journal of resistance" from Ohio with a strong focus on anarcho-primitivism. It was the continuation of a discontinued zine named Encuentro.

It's stated purpose was "to reclaim vegan straight edge by further disconnecting from the contemporary hardcore and punk scene and creating stronger ties to resistance movements/communities/cultures and building support/praxis for such resistance within/outside our community."

The zine lasted 2 issues, after which the editor, growing increasingly jaded with the stagnation of the vegan straight edge scene, chose to move his writing in a different direction, releasing WARBOUND, a personal anarcho-primitivist zine in August of 2007. The continuing influence of straight edge is apparent in an article on the relation between addiction and civilization. Writing for a 3rd issue of xOFTSx was completed, namely an extensive critique of the Bring Back Prohibition movement, and supposedly will be available via the zine's myspace page.


  • Out From the Shadows #.5: April 2006. half size.
  • Out From the Shadows #1: July 2006. half size.

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