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Orange is an Australian zinester. First writing in 2010 for sticky Festival of the Photocopier target 168, Orange's first first zine was questionable at most. Since then Orange's zines have been on a roller-coaster of bad to great. Zines produced to date:

I want sleep. A hate zine, venting Oranges anger to his class

Blue Bandaid. The story of how some one with the name begun to wear a blue banaid

The three(2) women in my life. The miscalculated account of the women that ment the most to Orange.

Can I sharpen your pencil? A mils and boon esk novelette.

A collection of substandard zines.

How to get that special some one, the poor mans guide. Just in time for valentines day, 2012

How to quit facebook. A guide created by Orange.

Zinebook, my diary of how I quit facebook. A recount of Orange's failed attempt to quit facebook using the guide.

How to write a hate zine. An instruction manual on how to write one of the easiest zine forms.