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One Way Ticket to Cubesville is an anarcho-absurdist punk rock UK fanzine dating from the last 1980s and still alive and kicking!

Its first issue was published in the UK in 1987 and featured interviews with Bad Brains, Doom and Concrete Sox. It became essential toilet reading for punks, predominantly in the North of England, although its early run ambitiously went into the thousands with a global distribution, without ever improving its quality or layout. The fanzine's early run continued for six issues, growing increasingly cider-fuelled and psychotic and covering ever more bizarre music and subject matters.

Cubesville underwent a long haitus before its "Reformation" issue in 2009. This only featured punk bands who had split up and reformed. These included the UK Subs, Amebix, Stupids and the Hates.

Subsequent issues appeared, one was a punk rock tribute to George Orwell. This issue, number 11, featured Welsh, Gaelic and Basque language punk bands, together with a punk response to 1984 from Faintest Idea, Zounds, Left for Dead, Andy T and Eastfield. The issue featured a response to George Orwell's essay, Politics and the English Language, on journalism in a time of recession.

Cubesville fanzine has remained committedly vegan throughout its many issues. However, in keeping with its absurdist take on life, recent issues have featured a "vegan time machine" focusing on veganism during Victorian times and WWII. Its author believes this highly retrospective take on veganism is the way forward and is planning more Doctor Who type culinary ventures in future issues. There has also been a special spin off zine The vegan's guide to arguing with vegans.

Mr Cubesville is a regular at zine fairs and anarchist book fairs across the UK. The latest was #25 - a punx and books special!

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