One Inch Buttons

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Example of a one inch button from My My Distro
Example of a one inch button from Fall of Autumn (DIY Parenting)

One inch buttons are a popular accessory worn on t-shirts, messenger bags, jackets or butt flaps. While these buttons are available in various sizes (one and a half inch, two and a half inches) the one inch size has become standard.

One inch buttons are also considered craft items, as most distros or zinesters hand-make the buttons they sell. Typical one inch buttons include original designs of either the distro's logo or zinester's zine cover/logo. Other regular designs include short activist slogans or humorous phrases.

If you don't have your own button machine or circle cutter, there are a number of distros and shops that provide custom button manufacturing, including Microcosm Publishing, My My Distro and Whammy Industries.