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Ollyollyoxenfree is a "DIY game zine."

The zine compiles instructions for games that require little more than a desire for fun. Games include old favorites as well as newly invented diversions--for example, the "Shoe Game," consisting of the direction "everybody tries to take everybody else's shoes off, by any means [...] the last person with a shoe on wins." Contributions from a wide variety of sources are included, predominantly people within the punk community.

Issues 1 through 3 were edited by Cheyenne Hohman (aka Twitch) and Christopher Todd (aka Shakes) and published in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. Beginning with issue 4, Christopher was the sole editor.


  • 1. Includes Mafia, Shoe Game, and Sardines. (2004)
  • 2.
  • 3. Includes Acorn!, Moose, and Deathbox. (2007)
  • 4. "Dice games!" Includes bunco, craps, and hot dice. Features a cover drawn by Mike Harpring. (Spring 2008)

Contact information

553 Mud Splash Rd.
Glendale KY 42740

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