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The Octapod Zine Library, is the largest community-owned zine collection in Australia. The collection numbering ~2000-3000 zines is based at The Octapod Association, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The Zine Library has, since 2006, been undergoing categorisation to create an online database. The current project is being undertaken by a library technician in training as part of her studies.

The Octapod Association is a government funded not-for-profit independent arts and new media organisation, existing in various incarnations for the past ten years.

Octapod has occasionally published an inhouse zine, Urchin, and in 1998 they were involved in the publishing of The new pollution zine anthology as part of the Noise festival and in this year Octopod's zine library was created.

The Octapod supports a number of projects, community groups and individuals by providing an administrative base and important resources including a large meeting space, web hosting, a zine library and project management advice.

Contact: podadmin (AT) octapod.org

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