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North West Zine Fest is a semi-annual zine fest ran by Salford Zine Library, which has been running since 2015.

Dates and Locations


North West Zine Fest 2015, poster by Stef Bradley

The first North West Zine Fest took place on May 30th at The Star and Garter.


North West Zine Fest 2016 took place on Sunday June 18th at Islington Mill.

There was a Monoprinting Workshop with Kim Searle, a Music Zines workshop with the Young People’s Music Project, drop in zine-making and badge-making by Pen Fight Distro and Synchronise Witches Press, and open mic zine readings.


  • Cool Schmool Zines
  • Turntup
  • Will Be Betrayed/Opinionated Nobody
  • Fault and Fracture
  • Highgreen Dawn
  • First Time/Conversation With Strangers/S(PACE)
  • The Mancunian Way
  • Illustrated Women in History
  • Adventures in Menstruating
  • Fan Club Notts
  • Shape & Situate/Colouring Outside The Lines
  • pen fight
  • Planswers (Zine/Screenprints/Badges etc…)
  • The Selfish Dream
  • Chisel Tip zine and Post-Culture distro
  • The Screever Zine
  • NOUS magazine
  • Naïf Press
  • Bi Community News
  • Black Lodge Press
  • Kitty Collector zines
  • Spaghetti Zine
  • SuZines
  • Kim Searle
  • Rum Lad
  • Love You Like A Sister
  • Sugar Paper
  • Resist Psychic Death!
  • Skyliner
  • 3 Paw Press
  • Stirred Press
  • One Way Ticket to Cubesville
  • About a Girl/In the Year of the Rabbit
  • Fanzine Ynfytyn
  • Today
  • Polly Richards
  • 2nd Hand Zine/Memory Card Zine
  • Nails Emoji


North West Zine Fest 2018 took place on Sunday May 6th at Partisan Collective.

There was also drop in zine making workshop with Team Trident Press & Shy Bairns, a radical birdwalk with Matthew Cunningham, an introduction to the Feminist Print Network, D.I.Y Digital Declarations of Self Love with Wednesday's Child, along with an open mic zine reading.


  • Aylson Stewart
  • Black Lodge Press
  • Cool Schmool Zines
  • Cross Words Zines
  • daikon*
  • Drawn Poorly Zine
  • Emily Tulett/D&D Virgin etc
  • Gamla Ullevi / IFK Pin /Tuning for everyone / 10 reasons to love Susan
  • Glue, a glove & some plyers/Reclaim the Hides
  • Ground/Lilly Williams/BeeBee Zines
  • Headwinds zine
  • Letters From Mars (formerly Queer Arcana)
  • Letters To An Island
  • Lore the Tone Press
  • Lunchtime For The Wild Youth
  • melão brando
  • Nick Soucek
  • Pen Fight Distro
  • Polly Richards
  • Pondwater
  • Queer Voices, part one: Queer Women
  • Red Plate Press
  • Richard Swan
  • Rob Jackson Comics
  • Rum Lad
  • Shy Bairns
  • Someone, Somewhere
  • Spud
  • Synchronise Witches
  • Tara Hill Art
  • Tender Hands Press
  • The Screever
  • Three Paw Press
  • Tiny Yeti Press
  • Turntup
  • Vampire Sushi Distro
  • Weird Animal Club
  • withapencilinhand
  • Yandere Club
  • Zine Angst
  • Zines and Ting
  • Will Be Betrayed
North West Zine Fest 2019


North West Zine Fest 2019 took place on Sunday July 28th at the People's History Museum.

There were workshops on DIY podcasting (with Brown Girls Do It), Developing a DIY Archiving Manifesto, Patch Making (with Poor Lass), and Making a Zine in a Day (with Tender Hands Press).


  • Becky Kidner – Diary Drawings
  • Bear Lee Zine
  • Spaghetti For Brains
  • Brown Girls Do It
  • Fault and Fracture Zine and Distro
  • Chrisfeen
  • Shy Radicals
  • Rob Marland
  • Chella Quint
  • Black Lodge Press
  • Not Dead Yet press/strange things? Collective
  • Fuck What You Love
  • Claire O’Brien
  • Heart of Hearts Zines
  • One False Move
  • Cool Schmool Zines
  • Fanzine La Raya
  • Kitty Collector zines
  • ZineAngst
  • Draw Laura Draw
  • Things Made By Zulaikha
  • Women in Art History Zine from Laura Moseley Crafts
  • Khidr Collective Zine
  • Glasgow Zine Library
  • Miss Heather Comics / My MRI / Fe: Women in Metal
  • 2B Or Not 2B
  • The Screever
  • Fantastic!
  • Zines & Ting
  • Drawn Poorly Zine
  • Colossive Press
  • Bradical Press
  • Tender Hands Press
  • Echo Zines
  • vampire hag distro
  • OlgaWritesThings
  • Polly Richards illustration
  • Slug Ink Press
  • daikon*
  • Steven Fraser / Do It Theatre
  • Suzines
  • pen fight
  • Emma Charleston
  • Best Practice
  • Cross Words Zines
  • Over Here Zinefest
  • SketZINE


In 2020 a Zine Fest at Burnley Central Library was scheduled on April 11th, but was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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