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Nonsensical is a perzine written by Annie Yu, and publshed in San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.

The content of Nonsensical is mainly journal entries, with a cut and paste style layout.

From Nonsensical #8 (30 pgs/1/4 size): "i wrote it from feburary to april and it's lots of little things like: being in physiology class and trying not to fall asleep, taking pictures with friends, going to scrap (the most fantastic place for craft stuff), what i want to be when i grow up, etc. there's a lot of cut & paste, the zine is decorated with origami paper and foreign stamps and magazine cutouts."

From Nonsensical #9 (23 pgs/1/2 size): "a zine full of journal entries from late summer of 2005 to mid april 2006. I write about my two jobs, grade my teachers, being left handed, encountering strange people on the bus and more."

From Nonsensical #10 (38 pgs/1/4 size): "I travel to santa fe, new mexico with a group of writers. this zine is full of photographs i took as well as journal entries about my experiences in santa fe such as watching the corn dances, teaching a zine workshop at the santa fe indian school, experiencing a touch of altitude sickness, etc."

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