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No frills, No. 10

No frills (1998-2003) was a photocopied zine by Guy Sterling, published in over 10 sporadic issues in Sydney, NSW. The zine was "a collection of random findings, blatant appropriation and collages" and "a do-it-yourself guide to mayhem and mischief making, a humerous look at social issues and information on electronic/noise happenings, promoting local gigs and releases."[1]


The final issue came with a CD from people who had supported the zine, including:

1)556a-Bob’s big bust


3)Dj smallcock-unmeasurable

4)Maladroit-driven by what

5)7U?-he loves you

6)Null Object-I feel it

7)Sucidal Rap Orgy-blood clot lunch



10)Composite of negatives-gRAVE

11)Quockenzocker-summer come lord!

12)Question Mark?-wide world of *****

13)Dj anal erection-Nu-Lo

14)Passenger of shit-bash a brick up my ****

15)Anti Kati-the battle for pidgyoto

16)Null Object-sir they have taken mr rimmer

17)Scruts with guns-liars and murderers


19)Diablo Negro-lovesong


21)Passenger of rizilli


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