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No Scene Zine was a Washington DC-area fanzine published by Pam Hite & Shawna Kenney from 1986 - 1989.

The zine featured many band interviews, including Kingface, Parasite, the Adolescents, Token Entry, Warzone, Coffin Break, Outcrowd, Images, Fugazi, and anyone else they could get their hands on. The WDC Period, an 80s-era newspaper, said about NSZ, "Although NSZ could be labeled as a positive-political zine, its direction seems more social "scene oriented" and open-minded than most. While on the surface the zine may seem naive and narrow-minded, upon a closer reading I got the impression that No Scene Zine is written by people who are just beginning to realize life is more complex than you're shown on tv or taught in school. Besides record and show reviews, NSZ contains a slight skateboard bent. It should be interesting to watch this zine evolve."

Pam and Shawna contributed DC, Maryland, and Virginia 'Scene Reports' and photos to Maximum Rock 'N' Roll over the years, and booked all ages matinees under the name "No Scene Zine Presents."