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No Gods No Mattress is a zine by Enola Dismay out of Oakland CA with occasional stints from New Orleans, Pittsburgh PA, and Portland OR.

The zine stems from other zines she made including Story of My Life. She often writes from a personal perspective on topics including traveling, squats, feminism, consent, Anarchism, Zines, and underground music such as punk, but especially Goth. The reader is often involved with the growing process that Enola is engaged with as she peppers her harsh experiences with an urge to self love. She had created 24 issues by mid 2015 and often prints a modest run of 150 copies.


Copies of the zine can be ordered from PO Box 3936 Berkeley, CA 94703 USA



NGNM #2 Tales of Recent Vagrancy Pt. 2 - Spring 2009

NGNM #3 Tales of Recent Vagrancy Pt. 3 - Spring 2009

NGNM #4 Summer 2009

NGNM #5 The Triggering Issue

NGNM #6 Autumn 2009


NGNM #8 February 2010: Three Intros!, Heartache!, Travel!, Trauma!, Some Things I Did! .. and that’s not the half of it..


NGNM #10

NGNM #11

NGNM #12

NGNM #13

NGNM #14 The Travel Issue: Houston Anarchist Book Fair, New Orleans, Being propositioned by college bro in french quarter vs. trucker at truck stop, not catching out, hitching, lots of disappointment, montell jordan, old friends, new friends, southern california

NGNM #15 Darkest Places

NGNM #16 Sweet 16 - February 2012

NGNM #17 Spring 2012 (includes bonus zine: Operation Parentsburgh 2012)

NGNM #18 Hawai'i 510 - December 8th 2012

NGNM #19 WXYZ - Summer 2013

NGNM #20

NGNM #21 Winter 2013/2014: a thick zine about squatting in Oakland, working at a werid super disfunctional cafe, befriending stray cats, courting her childself and her inner-teenager bully.I just love Enola's rambling, detailed stories so much, they are never cynical and they alway interconnect living on the extreme margins with funny stories and also super intense things about abuse and healing, with really good layout images and always some magic or magical thinking.

NGNM #22 What Grew in the Place of My Losses - Fall 2014: Super thick, like 114 pages, new issue! Being a goth, witchy abuse survivor traveling and hitchhiking around through LA, Joshua Tree, Flagstaff, Tucson, Miami Beach, Lake Worth and more! learning about desert plants, heartbreak, dancing, the similarity between being posi and being in denial, healing, warmpth, abandon mansions, adventures, old friends and new.

NGNM #23 Trainhopping and traveling and picking up hitchikers and sleeping in bus stations and campgrounds, kittens and akwardness and sex and vulvodynia, rain and friendship, the mythical sister city of Atlantis, marginilization and fashion and poverty and crud goth (mix between goth and crusty) and magic and that's only the first half!

NGNM #24 HLRS Tour Zine: Touring with the band Healers: Fresno, LA, cats on tour, San Diego, Tuscon, Auston, NO and MartiGras with demo/parade with cop effigie on fire. Queer parties and thinking of building a shack/home.

NGNM #25

NGNM #26 The Abandonment Issue: Housing, estrangement, PTSD, lost friends, fear