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Nerf jihad, No. 3

Nerf jihad (2004-) is a personal / music zine by Matt Ford. The zine features letters sent to Australian media personalities, corporations; random articles, stories and rants etc.


  • No. 7: "features a story about the greatest Melbourne Cup scam ever, moral debate/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air discussion with someone who works at Virgin Mobile and an interview with a goth."
  • No. 6: "features lots of high school stories, letters to St George Bank and OPSM (contributed by Luke who does Cane Toad Warrior zine)."
  • No. 5: "features letters to Ray Martin and David Koche, an exclusive book extract from Mark Lathams book. It also comes with a free CD-R compilation featuring some kicking rad bands."
  • No. 4: "features a series of letters to P&N Beverages and the story of a run in with Alex Lloyd."
  • No. 3: "features letters to Supre and Richard Wilkins."
  • No. 2: "features letters to Catriona Rowntree and Geoff Janz."
  • No. 1: "letters to Deal or No Deal and Toni Pearan."


Post Office Box 575, Gosford NSW 2250

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