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Zines on sale at Needles & Pens

Needles & Pens is a U.S. zine shop / bookshop and art gallery located in San Francisco's Mission district, California.

Established in 2003 by Andrew Martin Scott and Breezy Culbertson, it defines itself as an arts space that showcases international and locally-made artist books, self-published zines, magazines, independent press, as well as, hand-made goods, jewelry, accessories; and visual artwork in a gallery setting.

According to its website, the mission of the space has been to create a dialogue between the artistic community and the general public of San Francisco by providing a venue in which artists can directly sell their creations – 50-60% of most items sold goes directly back to the artist that created it.

Address & Opening Times

1173 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California, CA. 94110, United States (opening times can be found on its website.