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MungBeing is an online, bimonthly magazine containing artwork, short stories, interviews, articles, essays, music, recipes, poetry, comics, and interactive features. The subject matter leans heavily towards art and art criticism, with each issue featuring several galleries of visual artworks contributed by painters, illustrators and comic artists. The writers explore offbeat ideas and philosophies, and the magazine contains several first-person works of creative non-fiction or gonzo journalism.

The first issue was released on 4 April 2005. The magazine is a collaboration between musician/writer/artist Mark Givens (a member of the seminal lo-fi underground music group Wckr Spgt and the publisher/editor of the Salmon Bosch zine) and jody franklin, a multidisciplinary artist/writer and an award-winning filmmaker, member of Vancouver, British Columbia's July Fourth Toilet experimental music/performance troupe and co-publisher of The Misfit Library literary journal.

Upon release of the first issue, the publishers described MungBeing thusly:

"MungBeing aims to be a narrower, more focused Outsider, a Low Art New Yorker (A Lorker), Juxtapoz's bookish third cousin, the sly Cubists to Pop Surrealism's witty Futurists, a poor substitute for sleep, the natural progression/extension of Salmon Bosch into the digital domain, and an outlet for some restless ideas. It exists to entertain, amuse, provoke, and evoke; it is meant to be contemplated, absorbed, savored and enjoyed. It is the cantaloupe pie of cyberzines, magalogs and webrags. Your friends will want a slice of the pie, too, so share it because there's enough to go around."


Most issues of MungBeing are organized around specific subject themes and have official subtitles reflecting thematic content.

  • #1 - The Premiere Issue - April 2005
  • #2 - Outsider Art and Stuckism - June 2005
  • #3 - The Memescape and Big Ideas - August 2005
  • #4 - Childhood Memories - October 2005
  • #5 - Consumerism and Product Affiliation - December 2005
  • #6 - The Body - February 2006
  • #7 - Fanaticism - April 2006
  • #8 - Freedom - June 2006
  • #9 - The Mind - August 2006
  • #10 - Obscurity - October 2006
  • #11 - Urban Landscapes and Environmental Psychology - December 2006
  • #12 - Collaboration - February 2007
  • #13 - Ritual and Myth - April 2007
  • #14 - The Future - June 2007

Article & Interview Subjects

Most issues feature interviews with artists or contemporary philosophers. They've featured:

Robert Anton Wilson, Billy Childish, Charles Thomson, Irwin Chusid, Gus Fink, Naomi Hall, Hasil Adkins, Mark Givens, Joe Meek, Susan Blackmore, David Greenberger, Godfrey Blow, CP McDill, Lisa Carver, Caveh Zahedi, Jeffrey Scott Holland, Alex Grey, Michael Dickinson, Christopher P. Reilly, Gary Wilson, James Howard Kunstler, Frank Warren, Riane Eisler, Angie Mason, Robin Hardy


Writers jody franklin, Mark Givens, David "Starchy" Grant, The Misfit Library, Rik Albatros, Ben Muggin, Brad, Cash Nexus, Cavendish, Cranky, John Darnielle, Robert Dayton, RS Deese, Howard Drucker, Jeb Ebben, Roger Gee, Tim Hatch, Amy Maloof, Mark Teppo, Kevin Ausmus, Otis Fodder, Dave Carpenter, Joel Huschle, Dob Ogum, Kevin Grams, Jim Bumgardner, Andrew Hessel, Mike Kingston, Leonore Wilson, Nicholas Gurewitch, Roger Manning, Richard K. Lee, Kirk Packwood, Christine Hamm, Amy Frushour Kelly, John Gamber Jr., Don Vasa, Leslie Powell, Alan Taylor, Marnie Thorp, Buzzsaw, Heidi Morgan, Rachel Haywire, Suzanne LaFetra, Franklin Bruno, Krista S. Givens, Spacemummy, Alexis O'Hara, SJ Chambers, Rebecca Quartieri, Kelly Moore, ethora, Danielle Hagel, David Greenberger, TL Byers, Euphoria, Ryan Hughes, Virginia M. Mohlere, Lyle Neff, Sarah Lynch-Walker, McKenzie Ditter, Eric Willey, Miss Elucid, Catling, Cyndi Yuska, Donna Piazza, AJ Rollo, John M Velez, Susan Gardner, Ian Donnell Arbuckle, John Helmer, Christopher P. Reilly, Bjorn Snowballs, Simon Yuill, Tim Miller, KD Bryan, Tim Kirk, r. a. gillespie, Liz Clayton, Tala Bar, Claudio Parentela, Piltdown Man, Gina Ranalli

Visual Artists Mark Givens, jody franklin, Mark Connery, Jason McLean, Julian Lawrence, Michael O'Briant, Amanda Woodward, Suzanne Baumann, Liz Parkinson, Gus Fink, Ian Pyper, Ella Guru, Mark DeLong, Dexter Persimmon, Godfrey Blow, Jeffrey Scott Holland, Kelly Moore, Charles Thomson, Billy Childish, mckenzee, Harold Penis, Kim Richardson, Beth Cornell, SP Howarth, Joe Machine, Fishberryjam, Peter Klint, Chuck Wadey, Buzzsaw, Claudio Parentela, Ken B. Miller, Michael Dickinson, Thomas Hangelbroek, Jane Martin, Mun Mun Mittelbach, David Ostrowski, Patrick Turk, peg leg, SJ Chambers, Robert Zailo, Matt Bray, Simon Dion Redekop, Milos Vujasinovic, Bruce New, Don Swartzentruber, Mike Kingston, Michael Furious, Owen Plummer, Albert Schweitzer, Callie Danae Hirsch, Luke Ramsey, Erin Emerson, Darron Laessig, Muayad Muhsin, Jesse Reno, James Whitman, Joel Huschle, Chad McCail, James Howard Kunstler, Michael Uhlenkott, Ashley Montague, Food Fortunata, Joel Barber, Natalie Oswald, John Zachary, Terry Givens, Genaro Cordova, Ed Hume, Andy Rementer, Sune Ehlers, Joanna Price, Danielle MacDonald, saffron b, Edmund Barr, Joey Haley, Angie Mason, Boyd Nyberg, Mark Planisek, Lyla Emery Reno, Alan Smart, Andrew Taggart

Musicians and Audio Artists The Congress, Naomi Hall, Joe Meek, Justin, The Cheese Band, Grandpa Norm, The Space Lady aka Suzy Soundz, R. Stevie Moore, Geoff Goddard, Mar-tie, Alexis O'Hara, Mancat, Kitchen Cynics, Steve Folta, Spacemummy, Cash Nexus, SinDex Industries, Brent Hetherwick, Freedom's Child, David Greenberger & Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Mystified, Heidi Morgan, Meatyard, Mickel Mass, Josh Stevenson, bibble, Sockeye, Erin Emerson, July Fourth Toilet, Star Alpha Five, Food Fortunata, James Rhodes, Harold Schellinx, Ronald Heiloo, Amy Maloof, Allen Callaci, Experiment Haywire, Nevyn Nowhere, Matt Love, Ashley Reaks

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