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Misogynist Issue 2

Misogynist is a Riot Grrrl zine by Nita Kang, published in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Misogynist is a cut and pasted, photocopied zine, released in the 1990's. "Revolution Grrl Style Please..." is the request from Nita in the editorial to her first issue.

In articles entitled "Culture Shock" in issues one and two of her zine, Nita writes about the discrepancies between being raised in a modern Canadian society and living with her East Indian family. She describes the comparative limited freedoms she enjoys because of the society she lives in, while at the same time having some of her relatives accuse her of being "Whitewashed", the vastly different freedoms that East Indians sons enjoy compared to daughters, and the horror she feels at the thought of the arranged marriage her parents insist upon. Nita also writes about the difficulty of just leaving such a family and being "disowned", economic realities and her hopes of a University education.

The zine also includes a review of the book The Stairway by Alice Amelia Chown, reviews of bands such as Jale and Hole, concerts, male chauvinism in high school, beauty myths, and poetry such as "Big Bass Boys Suck!!"