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Minca is a publication produced by the Fanzinoteca Ambulant, intending to investigate and create a space for information on separate editions.

During the design development of the Fanzinoteca Ambulant we found the lack of published documentation about Spanish fanzines, and obviously in Catalan this documentation is practically nonexistent. All information that we have found is dispersed in some websites, some books in English and in the "margins" of some alternative texts about editing, mail art or copy-art.

The editors believe Minca is a very timely publication that brings together a wealth of information on the past and present release of Spanish fanzines, an initiative that creates a firm body that helps to reduce this gap.

Minca 1

Minca Issue One

In this first number, only in spanish, we can find:

  • Independent editions
  • History of the Fanzines by Nico Orway published in Re-Search. Translated by Tomas Nochteff.
  • Three questions to thirteen fanzines
  • Interview to Francesc Vidal / Todojunto + Escola Muuu
  • The Module of la Fanzinoteca Ambulant

La pequeña minca Ilustrada

Pequeña Minca Ilustrada

Is a collection of photocopies with artwork made by people who we admire and want. A publication by slow delivery that makes up a creative representation of the context in which the fanzinoteca works out. Another way to launch links, to present what we think is interesting to take a position, mark and draw our interest.

We have the collaboration of: Miuk, Andrea Gomez, Raimond Chaves, Gilda Mantilla, Powerpaola, Supercobra, Marta Zafra, Max (o) matic.

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