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Milk bar / racing car

Milk bar (1998?-1999?) was a comic, zine and literary review zine edited by Amber Carvan and Richard Vogt and published in North Fitzroy, Victoria.

Carvan has described Milk bar variously as: "an intelligent and professional journal that would treat the Australian zine scene as a movement and discuss it critically" and "an Australian journal that focuses on the efforts of those involved in small press".

Only two issues of Milk bar were published, Carvan has described the reason for this in part due to criticism by some who perceived Milk bar as an 'attempt to mainstream zines' and who saw the critical review of zines as 'too confronting'.

Contact: P.O. Box 1255, North Fitzroy, Victoria 3068 AUSTRALIA;


  • No. 1: Milk Bar
  • No. 2: Milk bar/racing car (November 1999)

Includes short stories and comics by: Tim Wright, ‘Older anyway’; Kieran Mangan, ‘Groovy science’; Erica Smith, ‘Nil by mouth’; Neale Blanden, ‘Emma’; George Dunford, ‘Stereo’; Nick Potter, ‘Kiss my bear bum’; Nicholas, ‘A new highway’; Mandy Ord, ‘Jewel’; Jacob North, ‘Victoria’; Pox Girls (Susan Butcher and Carol Wood), ‘Have rat will travel’; Vanessa Berry, ‘$3.95’; Ché Gilson, ‘Chicken from the sky’; Louise Coulter, ‘Print junky’; John Weeks, ‘Whitlam funnies’ (Part 1 and 2); Nat Clarke, ‘Commercialisation music’; Ben Hutchings, ‘Wanniassa High School oval’; Chris Stokes, ‘An emotion that smells’; Collingwood member #08322, ‘True life stories of the Pie Boys – Tony Shaw’s first win as coach of C-F-C’; Madeleine Bulling, ‘Alone’; Bernard Caleo, ‘As we pull out of Sydney…’; Tim Baynes, ‘From the bottle’; Brother Andrew, ‘Secret stars’; Q-ray, ‘Owen Underwear’s comic history lesson’; Leigh Lambert, ‘Colourprint’; Kieran Mangan, ‘Being nice’.


  • Amber Carvan, 'Monopoly millionaires', in Anna Poletti, 'A people's history of Australian zines', in Ivor Indyk (ed.) Heat 11, New Series (Artarmon, NSW: Giramondo Publishing Company, 2006).

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