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Issue #3 of Gen M

Migrant Zine Collective is an activist-based group aiming to amplify, celebrate and share the voices of migrants of colour in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

The collective was founded in 2017, when it released GEN M (short for “Generation Migrant”), a zine collated and self-published by founding member Helen Yeung, in the hopes of celebrating her Hong Kong-Chinese diasporic background, along with the personal stories of other migrant youth in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland).

According to its website, Migrant Zine Collective offers a space that is critical of the white-dominated power structures that govern their lived experiences as people of colour in Aotearoa. It aims to open up a space where people of colour are able to unapologetically speak up, discuss and unpack critical issues in mainstream society such as sexism, racism, classism and other forms of inequality.

Collective members

Members Helen Yeung (l) and Sammie Lee (r)

The collective is co-organised by women of colour and has since expanded its work to a range of zine workshops, community events, pop-up libraries and digital collaborations, both locally in Aotearoa and around the globe.

Those currently part of the collactive indlude Helen Yeung (founder), as well as Eda Tang, Sammie Lee and Abigail Dell’Avo. Past members include Sopanha Kham, Ivanova Anjani and Jasmin Singh.


  • Magic & Joy (2021)
  • H is for (Counter)hegemony (2020) Read online
  • Memories of Mercury Plaza (2019)
  • Sustainability and Identity (2019) Read online
  • Exploring Identity in Hong Kong (2019)
  • Snack Zine Club (2019)
  • Unwritten Stories (2019)
  • Have You Ever Been With An Asian Woman Before? (2019) Read online
  • Racialised Memes 4 the Disoriented Teen (2019)
  • Goodbye Turmeric Latte (2019) Read online
  • What does being “Khmer” mean to you? (2018)
  • EAT IT ALL: The Official AAAH Zine (2018)
  • GEN M #3 “Migration, Feminism & Diaspora” (2018) Read online
  • Musubi “An Exploration of Gender in Hong Kong” (2017)
  • GEN M #2 “移民一族” (2017) Read online.
  • GEN M #1 “Generation Migrant” (2017) Read online.