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MeBeMeWeBe is an art zine published by Luke Ramsey and 66 collaborative artists.

The zine was published in an edition of 135 numbered copies. it consisted of 76 photocopied pages on multi-coloured paper, with a die cut vinyl cover and a hand coloured inside cover. The project consists of drawings done collaboratively with the artists over a three year period of time. The compilation for the zines was selected from drawings done for zines, posters, mail art, etc. made between 2004 - 2007.

The artists in this zine are: Apak, Gerand Armengal, Zachariah Bauer, Marc Bell, Matt Brossard, Peter Burr, Jared Conley, Ty Danylchuk, Michael DeForge, Andrew Dick, Nick Djardi, Sune Ehlers, Ekta, Noel Goertz, Daniel Gonzalez, Kayla Guthrie, Jason Hsu, Ben Jacques, Satomi Joba, Keith Jones, Andrea Kalfas, Kinoko, Zane Kozak, Jeff Ladouceur, Brian Leach, Amy Lockhart, Chloe Lum, Scott Malin, Tracy Maurice, Maseman, Billy Mavreas, Justin "Scrappers" Morrison, Matt Moroz, Patrick Murphy, Marc Ngui, Other, Melissa Paget, Darcy Paterson, Jonathan Petersen, Mike Perry, Owen Plummer, Finley Pogue, Miguel Porlan, Joanna Price, Mark Price, A J Purdy, Ryan Riss, Nick Robins, Liz Rywelski, Eric Shore, Chris Silva, Ryan Skillings, Harley Smart, Renne Staeck, Jim Stoten, Peter Taylor, Peter Thompson, Ryan Thompson, Howie Tsui, Russell Tyler, Erik Volet, C C Walton, Justin B.Williams, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, and Marco Zamora.

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