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Matthew Asprey is a writer and academic from Sydney, Australia. He is one of the founding editors of Contrappasso Magazine, an independent print-on-demand publication.

Asprey’s work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, PopMatters, Island, Extempore, Nth Degree, Over My Dead Body!, and Total Cardboard. His novellas Red Hills of Africa (2009), Sonny’s Guerrillas (2011), and Angelique in San Francisco (2012) are available in paperback and ebook formats, as is the story chapbook To Murder My Love Is A Crime!: Stories of Desperate Men (2011).

Through his imprint Sydney Samizdat Press, Asprey has edited the anthology Jack London: San Francisco Stories and the three-volume edition of Joseph Conrad’s stories and novellas The Sea, The Earth, And All Men.

In 2011 Matthew Asprey was awarded a PhD in Media Studies by Macquarie University in Sydney. He lectures in cinema and screenwriting at the university.

Asprey is the editor of underground zines such as Sydney Samizdat.



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