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Issue 1 1964

Magazine was a small press poetry journal edited by Kirby Congdon.

Subtitled "a storehouse for ammunition", Magazine was a mimeographed and stapled publication from New York City, New York, U.S.A.

The first issue was published by Crank Books, and released in 1964. 250 copies were made, each numbered. Contributors to the issue include Ree Dragonette, Larry Eigner, Barbara A. Holland, Spencer Holst, Will Inman, John Keys, Diane Locke, Taylor Mead, Daniel Moore, Alden Nowlan, Frank Roth, Robert Rusk, Jay Socin, Richard K. Smith, Anthony Towne, William Wantling, and the editor. Magazine, for this inaugural issue, is described as "A One-Shit Periodical of the current independent movement for poets who have not had the benefit of any group, clique, or literary connection and who deserve more attention than they are getting."

Issue two was published by Interim Books, and released in 1964 and features a history of New York coffee-house readings by Carol Berge; an essay by Gregory Corso; a poem and note by d.a. levy; and the article "The Mimeograph Revolution".

Issue 5 was released in ten parts, each hand sewn in an edition of 500 numbered copies, with a distinctive title of its own, and specially boxed. It features a symposium on publishing by avant-garde editors; a tract on religion by Gregory Corso; a Poetry Bach at the Library of Congress; a ballad by Helen Adam; poems by Joan Colby; an essay, "What is Poetry For?"; poems from prison; poetry and portraits of people behind the scenes; M. Randall, R. Gay, H. Smith, an others. It was illustrated by R. Simmons.

Issue 6 was published in Key West, Florida, and included work by Michael Andre, Eric Greinke, Lyn Lifshin, Jack Ross, and Harry Smith.

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