Luhey's Regards to Zineland

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Luhey's Regards to Zineland is a chapbook and last installment of the zine Luhey's Doggie Doodles by T.R. Miller, from Miltown, New Jersey.

Luhey's Regards to Zineland features Miller's cartoon dog, Luhey, one of the most memorable zine characters, for his childlike, sentimental, and super G rated to the max, behavior! Also Miller's drawing skill was simple and childlike. Many readers didn't care for the zine's syrupy sweet Pollyanna-like simplicity and they let the author know it. In response to all the criticism Miller got for his cartoon dog zine, he opted out of zines with this farewell. It's a unique vision in being so over-the-top, childish, and sentimental. This collection of 12 cartoons on pastel colored paper, was the last time we saw the polka dot dog. Cartoon Luhey ends by saying, with a tear falling from his eye, "The last 'Zine of my doodlin' career! "Goodbye, "Zineland."