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Lollygag issue #3 cover

Lollygag (2007-) is semi-pornographic art and literary zine founded and published in New York, U.S.A., by Deanna M. Lehman.

Lehman was born Wytheville, Virginia, and attended the University of South Florida in Tampa. As the first Westerner to graduate from Aomori University in Japan, she earned a BFA degree in Social Sciences.

Returning to Florida, Lehman published the now-defunct Pandora's Box, a "gothic literary zine" featuring the works of Mike Diana, Paul Weinman, and Matt Hartsfield.

Lehman relocated to New York City in 2005 and once worked as an exotic dancer, private escort and model.

In addition to Lollygag and Pandora's Box, Lehman has served as Assistant Editor and Contributing Writer on the book Carnivora: The Dark Art Of The Automobile by Les Barany; as Editorial Assistant on the books American Hardcore (2nd Edition) and New York Rock, both by Steven Blush; and as Contributing Editor & Writer for ArtSync magazine.


  • No. 1 (May 2007): Deanna Lehman, George Petros, Steven Blush, Fred Berger, Tim Caldwell, reviews.
  • No. 2 (May 2008): Deanna Lehman, George Petros, Steven Blush, Fred Berger, Mike Diana.
  • No. 3 (May 2009): Deanna Lehman, George Petros, Steven Blush, Fred Berger, Mike Diana, Michael Andros, Robert N. Taylor, Steven Cerio, Christina Finlayson, Nicholas Tesluk, J.G. Thirlwell, Chuck "Chains" Lenihan/MediaWhore, Nick Zedd, John Aes-Nihil, Paul Booth/Last Rites Tattoo Gallery, Eli Livingston/Monster House Creations, reviews.
  • No. 4 (due in 2010).


Deanna Lehman c/o George Petros P.O. Box 150352 Brooklyn, NY 11215