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Little (April 2002-) is a perzine by Brisbane-based writer and zinester Joanna Coltman.


Little 1 (April 2002): "sometimes i feel little. when I'm sitting down i feel this way, i see everyone as being bigger than me. when I stand up it's like I'm growing abnormally, shooting up past people's heads - like that moment in the cuckoo's nest when the chief's hand swells when Jack Nicholson's character shakes it. i feel small when I'm alone, I shrink and the world grows big."

Little 2 (December 2002): Written after a 6 month stint of writers block: "the tanker has pulled into the servo across the road. beeping as it reverses. soon the hum will begin as the fuel flows into the underground tanks. this afternoon I was alone in the house. summer was knocking on the door so I opened up the doors and windows to let the warm breeze flow through."

Little 3 (January 2004): Written while the author was on holiday in Europe: "15 days on the same bleeding bus. I'm feeling like I've spent forever on this bus. the days behind just bleed away, having real trouble distinguishing between what we did yesterday and what we did they day before that, anything before/beyond that and i reach/hit a mental block/brick wall. i know we were in Vienna earlier in the week, but which day I honestly/really can't say."

Little 4 (January 2005): Written while the author was living in Hobart: "snow on the mountain / it’s been snowing for days / black birds quip and dance / through bushes / snow on the mountain / it’s been snowing for days / cold air pools and seeps / watch your breath / black birds hide amongst / the bushes / hide in the thick bushes / snow on the mountain / black birds hide in thick bushes / willows weep and everything i / write is shit."

Little 5 (January 2006): Seven deadly sins...: "The fan blowing air on my skin relaxes me; the summer heat makes me want to sleep. Dishes are stacked beside the sink, the bin is full and there are books and scribbled on pieces of paper all over the table and floor, but i go and turn on the TV instead."

Little 6 (January 2007?): The war between words and numbers: "The glyph used to represent the number 1 can be traced back to the Brahmin Indians, who wrote 1 as a horizontal line (which is still used in China today)."


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