Letters to My Therapist

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Letters to My Therapist is a zine series by Michelle of Alexandria, VA.

Each issue discusses a topic related to Michelle's history with depression and was written between 2010 and 2013. The series was originally set to include ten issues, but it was terminated at five.

The series has been distro'd by Fluxxii in the past and is out of print.


  • Issue 1: Cognitive Traps Discusses the cognitive traps that plague her; cognitive traps are what we fall into when we convince ourselves of something that isn't true.
  • Issue 2: Medication Discusses her history in trying to find medical treatment, and the pros and cons of each substance.
  • Issue 3: Therapy Discusses her experience with therapy, including the reasons why some therapies helped and others didn't.
  • Issue 4: Detachment Focuses on the early stages of recognizing anxiety, specifically dissociation.
  • Issue 5: Crazy/Recovery Explains why the series had to end, discusses "feeling crazy," and touches on a path to recovery.
  • PS A post-script issue that explores identity and self-care and their relationship to recovery and depression.




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