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Left Back is a zine by Chadd Beverlin.

Chadd Beverlin began his zine while in prison. Left Back was a cut and pasted combination of Chadd's drawings, collages, poetry and personal writing of his time in jail. Fanorama editor REB is interviewed in issue two. Also included are official prison documents, such as the "Notice of Withholding Printed Material" which was regarding a "paper w/anarchy symbol and code". Beverlin writes about all of his zines and papers being confiscated, after which a notice was issued: "Upon review of Captain Buck it was determined that Beverlin was in possession of several articles pertaining to anarchism. He has written to several of these publications." Chadd ended up in solitary confinement.

Issue four of Left Back was a split issue with Fanorama, and the zine was published and distributed by Fanorama Society Distro.

Before he was in prison, Chadd was a musician with the bands Soul Compost and Distrust, and had created one zine, The Wall Street Urinal. After being imprisoned, his first zine was 99 To Life. He then concentrated on Left Back for seven issues. He decided to end the zine once he was released from prison.