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La Palabra is a free zine based out of Jersey City, New Jersey. U.S.A.

  • Issue #1 aka "Congratulations It's A Zine" includes a Post No Bills interview, an article about getting older and a Tom Waits album review
  • Issue #2 aka "These Colors Never Run(because their black and white) includes a history of Jack Daniel and a 1980's base ball nickname all-star team(Ryne "Ryno" Sandberg anyone?)
  • Issue #3 aka "Third Times A Charm" includes an interview with The Turnbucklers, a Metaskaphelies album review and an article entitled "What White Guys Shouldn't Do"
  • Issue #4 aka "The Food & Drink Issue" includes recipes for beer brats and butter burgers, a food/drink playlist, tips for BBQs, history of the "Fat Sandwich", and a 40oz review. Comes with hand stamped napkin.
  • Issue #5 aka "I wanna Rock N Roll all night and La Palabra everyday" includes the year in sports, movie of the year, albums of the year and the inaugural class of the Alco-Hall of Fame.
  • Special Issue #1 aka "Home for the Alco-holidays" is a 1/4 page zine that includes a Christmas love/hate, the history of eggnog and a letter to Slagle Clause.
  • Issue #6 aka "Issue #6 was typed before a live studio audience" includes a you know you're from Jersey list, a chili recipe, 1990's basketball nicknames, and stories about the Somerville Town Drunks.
  • Issue #7 aka "Siete" includes a story about The Jersey Jumper Sam Patch and the Great Paterson Falls, a touching story about Scruff's recently deceased cousin, a review of Jersey City Heights liquor stores, a new recipe, and Not so famous 2 sport athletes. Plus a new look for "Last call" and a new feature called "Leave it or Loathe it".
  • Issue #8 aka "The White Issue" includes an interview with the band Kid Nichols, my favorite beer taglines, a hot chick movie review and a page to pick your favorite facial hair.
  • Issue #9 aka "The Blackout Issue" includes an "Are you an Alcoholic" questionaire, some of my favorite things, the season of the drink,my favorite dive bars, a liquor store guide, "You might be an Alcoholic If", and the Alco-Hall of Fame Class of 2012.
  • Issue #10 aka "The New Jersey Music Issue" includes a playlist featuring all NJ artist, an article about the best NJ bands, Scruff writes an article on his favorite New Brunswick basements and an interview with "Last Bastions" producer Fritch Clark.
  • Issue #11 aka "The Jersey City Issue" features Jersey City's history, hot spots and hole in the walls.

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