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Korrupt Yrself is a self published zine by Erik Gamlem.

KYS, as it is often referred, was started in 2008 in Washington, DC, U.S.A. It is currently being published out of Albuquerque, NM. Issues 1-5 were all photocopied utilizing resources from work. Issue #6 was published Summer of 2011. Issue #7 is in the works. KYS encourages people to copy and distribute issues freely. PDF versions of KYS are available starting with issue #3"here".

Issue #1 - Published Summer 2008. Features an interview with Turboslut. No Longer In Print

Issue #2 - Published Summer 2009. Features articles on Ghost Mice and So Long and Thanks For All The Fish No Longer In Print

Issue #3 - Published Fall of 2009. Features an interview with New Idea Society and other various writings.

Issue #4 - Published Summer of 2010. The Fuck You Cancer Issue.

Issue #5 - Published Fall of 2010. Features interviews with photographer Rachel Atcheson, Elliot Harvey of A Stick and A Stone, a piece about anxiety and more.

Issue #6 - Published Summer 2011. Features a story of a road trip, being an extra on a TV show and more.

Issue #6.5 - Published Fall of 2013. Features three short pieces. One about Anticipation, a dream journal entry and one about life in Albuquerque.

Issue #7 - published in Winter of 2014 - features an Interview with artist Adrian Toto, stories about Radio DJing, video games as relationship builders, and dead bodies.

The future of KYS is currently unknown as no plans for a new issue are in the works. Two photo zines titled "You Don't Care" and "She Made Incisions/I Had Thread" have also been printed.

Korrupt Yrself also has a website with record reviews and a podcast. In print issues are available for trade or for free by mail.


Contact goodgovernor@yahoo.com and send an address. International inquires please send an email. Current and Back Order issues can now be ordered directly from korruptyrself.bigcartel.com

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