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Kolektyw - a Polish comic magazine published from 2007 to 2012. Founded by authors of online comics, banded in the "netKolektyw," creator group. It eventually opened up to other creators as well. The zine was published by Dolna Półka, an imprint of the Timof i cisi wspólnicy publishing house. The magazine was initially founded and financed by the "netKolektyw" group, but from the third issue onward, it was managed by a self-appointed editorial collective consisting of Bartek Biedrzycki (also the technical editor), Jan Mazur, and Robert Sienicki. The magazine aimed to provide young creators with the opportunity to debut in print and to offer a platform for more established authors.

The magazine was released biannually during two of the biggest comic events in Poland - the Warsaw Comic Meetings (until 2009) and the Comic Festival in Warsaw (from 2010) as well as the International Festival of Comics and Games in Łódź. Starting from the third issue, each edition of "Kolektyw" had a main theme. From the fifth issue, the volume increased, and the magazine featured regular series published on a rotational basis: Najwydestyluchniejszy, Recours, Miska owoców, Sarkis Karchazjan, Kapitan Mineta, and Drużyna A.K.. The tenth issue of the magazine was also its last.

Among the contributors were: Konrad Okoński, Robert Sienicki, Bartek Biedrzycki, Jakub Dębski, Michał Dzitkowski, Jan Mazur, Łukasz Okólski, Igor Wolski, Daniel Chmielewski, Unka Odya, Piotr Nowacki, Bartosz Sztybor, Maciej Pałka, Maciej Łazowski, Bartosz Szymkiewicz, Robert Adler, Karol Kalinowski, Katarzyna Witterscheim, Ewa Jędrzejczak, and Sara Sapkowska.

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