Kimagure No Dowa Hon

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Kimagure No Dowa Hon is the first collaborative zine between Carolee Gilligan Wheeler and Jennie Hinchcliff, “Kimagure No Dowa Hon” is loosely translated as “a storybook of whimsy” in Japanese.

The idea for this travel zine came when its creators made a deal with each other: from the moment they stepped onto the plane bound for Narita until the moment they touched back down in San Francisco, each would take in the sights/sounds/experiences of Tokyo by keeping track of everything in individual journals specifically created for that purpose. At the end of each day, somewhere in the heart of Tokyo, Carolee and Jennie would write out their collective thoughts, glue scraps of ephemera down, write postcards and stories from the day-gone-by. These musings and ruminations form the bulk and body of “Kimagure”. It can be said that this zine uniquely captures the feeling of ryoshu: the loneliness one feels when traveling or on a journey.

Kimagure No Dowa Hon was printed in a limited edition of 75, created in the spring of 2006. The editors are also the creators of I Remember These Places When They Used To Exist.