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Ker-bloom! is an bimonthly zine that has been letterpress printed by one vegan anarchist, known as Artnoose, since 1996. Ker-bloom!, published for ten years, is one of the longest running perzines.

Ker-bloom! is letterpressed and the typeset 4"x5" cover is card stock. Each run is limited to roughly 250. It stands out from other perzines for a number of reasons. A lot of zines will take you to a time or place in a persons life and show you what was there. Artnoose tends to take you to a place in personal ethics and ask you what you think. For this reason, every issue has the potential to be a new adventure and the reader may find it quite rewarding.

Ker-bloom! was one of the zines selected for the 2003 tour of North America by Mobilivre-Bookmobile, the travelling library of independent publications. It has been featured in The Utne Reader and The Zine Yearbook, among other places, and is in the collection of several libraries as well as UCLA and New York's MOMA.

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