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Katzilla is a zine published in Germany, by Johannes Dechant. It focused on punk and music, along with DIY culture and traveling.

Issue four


#1: Interviews with Cursive & Danse Macabre, concert-, fanzine- and record-reviews, columns and an report about his trip through India

#2: Everything you always wanted to know about the Israeli Punkrock Scene: Interviews with Frederico (Dir Yassin, Smartut Cachol Lawan), Giora & David (Boshet Rec, Nikmat Olalim), Noya (Patrol Fanzine), Gutzy (Kafa la panim schel LL, Gutzy.com, Hikokiri) plus articles about the infoshop Salon Mazal in Tel Aviv, other sources on Punk in Israel, show reviews

#4: This issue has some guest submissions lie Arne from Dawk, Mika from Strafraumpogo and Peter Stack from Sagacity. There is also an article about political correct clothes and pictures from Adina (photos), Noya (Patrol Zine, Israel, collages), Peter (Hungary, comic).


Email: johannesdechant[at]web.de