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kOBISENa is a poetry zine by Vattacharja Chandan.

Since the launch of the Prakalpana Movement through SwatotsaR, which published writings in the new form of Prakalpana only, Vattacharja Chandan had been feeling the urgent need to propel a different kind of poetry which he called Sarbangin Poetry ( = wholesome poetry), that would aptly exploit the possibilities of various kinds of visual signs, symbols and pictures in the appropriate parts of a poetry, and yet would not be merely a poetry of concrete designs, patterns or structures; as it would mainly bank on the basic features, instincts, and values of poetry in texts and textures, merged in a new rhythm. This new rhythm which he later termed Flow Verse, would not be simply the usual free verse, but like the natural flowing rhythm of life in harmony and disharmony, in concord and discord, and like the poetic + prosaic rhythm of life by rhyming + unrhyming in the suitable sectors of a wholesome Sarbangin Poetry as per the individual preference and prudence of the independent poet as a creator of the new age.

Accordingly to fulfill his dream of kOBISENa ( = troop of poets or Poetroop), it was announced in an open convention of poets at Vidyasagar Hall in Kolkata in 1972 to float a new publication "Of the poetry By the poetry and For the poetry", named kOBISENa. The first issue was a 4 page hand composed bulletin published by Rabindra Bhattacharya and edited by Vattacharja Chandan, who has been continuing still today; however, the publisher has since disappeared from the non-trad zine scene. From the very beginning, because of its controversial and challenging nature, kOBISENa has never compromised its characteristic independence and so has been ignored and marginalized. Yet in spite of its sporadic outbursts it has travelled a lot amongst the poetry lovers in remote hamlets of the globe.

kOBISENa does not see poets but their poetry, it does not see if someone is a so-called published or unpublished poet, but it does see whether it is a traditional or nontraditional poetry, good poetry or bad poetry. So kOBISENa is still open to the non-famous young nowhere poets from anywhere and everywhere, only who care and share for Sarbangin and experimental poetry. In fact like PrakalpanA LiteraturE, it too has published the first poetry of so many poets over all these years.

To know about how to participate in its Upcoming Event of Poetry Reading in any language any genre on 6th September this year in Kolkata India, from any part of the world, check out PrakalpanA LitfesT

Besides poetry, Mail Art has also a place here.

kOBISENa Has been reviewed by Factsheet Five, Scavengers Newsletter, NHI Review online and Zine World among others.

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