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Jeff Miller is a zine editor from Canada.

Miller is best known as the editor of the zines, Ghost Pine and Otaku. He began publishing his zines in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and subsequently published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Otaku, which is the Japanese word for "nerd", was the title of his first zine, first published in 1996 when he was sixteen. The focus was on the punk and hardcore scene in his hometown of Ottawa. After four issues Miller stopped publishing Otaku and began Ghost Pine.

Ghost Pine is a lit-zine that also functions as a perzine featuring writing by the editor, generally in the form of stories. In his review on, Sean Stewart says of Ghost Pine, "Perzines are often too personal...But the writing in Ghost Pine, though rooted in punk rock and activism, travels way beyond it in significance."

Selections from Ghost Pine are featured in Zine Yearbook Issue Nine, which reprinted excepts from zines published in 2007. 1n 2010,Ghost Pine was released in book form by Invisible Publishing in 2010.

Jeff Miller is also one of the editors of A Thousand Words, a zine created by the Soulgazers collective, which also includes Sarah Comfort, Sean Michaels and Anna Leventhal.



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