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Japankore Issue 5

Japankore was a fanzine published by Brian from Warwick, Rhode Island, U.S.A. in the 1990's.

Japankore was printed on newsprint, in the style of a newsletter or freesheet, and was devoted to Hardcore, Punk and Industrial Noise bands, most especially bands from Japan that are playing these genres of music. This zine contains extensive reviews of recordings, but also includes news on bands such as Melt Banana, Hellchild and GISM; photos of bands such as Nightmare, Urban Terror, Deathside and Geshpenst; the column "Koretsu Korner" by Yasu of Devour Records, which features more news about bands such as Kathabuta, Rebelate, Hellkrusher, Disclose, and D-Starve; reviews of zines; Gaijin's Discordance Axis Japan Tour by Jon Chang; and a look at 8 Track tapes of all styles, including reviews of recently released Punk 8-Tracks, 1970's 8-Tracks, 8-Track Mind zine, and an offer to trade zines for 8-Tracks.

Brain also ran the Japankore Tape Label.