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Published out of Redwood Valley, California, in Mendocine County, JND Pseudo Zine started out as what publisher James N. Dawson was later to term a "mix-zine", a collection of pages of uniform size from various sources stapled between art covers, outwardly resembling a zine. It's modeled somewhat after the mix-tape (or mix-CD, video-mix, etc.) As it wasn't numbered, dated or produced in identical multiple copies, it wasn't technically a "zine" (periodical, magazine, etc.) Later, early "issues" were "retrofitted" into a zine format and it and subsequent issues became a regular ("non-pseudo") zine, while the original name stuck. Issues 1 through 7 were partially done on a spirit duplicator, or "ditto machine".

A typical issue would contain zine, music and movie reviews. Later issues would have letters and a "bootlegged" horror story from a established author the publisher particularly enjoyed. Other "appropriated" articles and images from books and publications, usually of an offbeat nature, was also included.

JND Pseudo Zine, like all the publisher's "not currently produced" publications would better be called "dormant" because he hopes to resurrect it when he as time to put together an especially good issue.

8 issues, from ca. 1994 to 2000

Format: 8 1/2 x 11, side-stapled