It's not just boys' fun

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Issue four.

It's not just boys' fun is mainly a perzine from Germany by Elena Stöhr. The first issue came out 1998.


It's not just boys' fun #3 (some wounds never heal) This is the first issue after about four years. The editor has said, "I never wanted it to be read but I decided that its release is important for me so... It's mostly about the tumor in my breast, surgery and the effects this had (and still has) on my life. The rest is an old stockholm-travel diary from 2002." The zine has 60 pages and the format is A6.

It's not just boys' fun #4 (silence = death) Number 4 is about rape/sexual abuse and includes a lot of survivor stories, poems, lyrics and columns. 98 pages. A5 / half-size.

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