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In the MEANtime #2

In the MEANtime (2003-2005?) was an A5 Australian zine 'dedicated to supporting local and international undderground bands, labels and artists. Anything from death, grind and gore to hardcore, punk, metal and stoner.'

Five issues of In the MEANtime were published[1] before the zine made way for In the MEANtime Records.

Contact: In the MEANtime, c/o John Hobbs, Unit 1/1 Regis Close, Werribee Victoria 3030 AUSTRALIA;


  • No. 2: contained interviews with Closer Than Kill, Sanotorium, Demon Other, Pete from Pee zine, Ravager, Against, Vaginal Carnage, Putrefied, and Vehemence; articles on Dearly Departed and As I Lay Dying; and reviews of a large number of albums and zines (including Pee No. 26 and Rest assured No. 1).
  • No. 4: contained interviews with Putrescence, Perish the Thought, Gorerotted, Colossus, Cliteater, Faux Defeated, Tyburnjig, and M.S.I.; and reviews of a large number of albums and zines (including The true trendkill No. 3, Rest assured No. 3 and 4, Pee No. 30 and 31, Antivantage, No. 1 and 2, Bizoo No. 18 and 19, and Staight up! No. 1).