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I Think We Should See Other People (a.k.a. ITWSSOP) is a comic zine based in Oakland, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., by Claire and Jeff.

I Think We Should See Other People is a story of intergenerational love, tofu scrambling, awkward flirting in used bookstores, and disillusionment with The New Yorker's cartoon caption contest.

ITWSSOP's agenda is simple: promote good reading habits, fight ageism, discourage idiocity and assholism, laugh at everything, explore cultural phenomenon such as Chuck-E-Cheese, couples' yoga, pet massage, and Harry Potter, exploit meanness and apprehension, float sweet acronyms, experiment with grammar, and make and distribute 1" buttons with relentless zeal. Also: hold hands in public and in private.

External Link

Find ITWSSOP online at http://www.myspace.com/itwssop