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Between August 2008 and October 2009, there were 40 issues of "i left this here for you to read".

Anyone could submit material, and all material was included as long as it fit certain guidelines. Anyone was welcome to be an editor, or to design or help print out the zine. There were only 50 copies of each issue total, and they never reprinted any issues. A network of volunteers then left these in public places (such as on part benches, on buses, in airports and dentists' offices...) for anyone to take--free of charge. So far, they left their zines in about 75 cities in the US and in Canada.

Each contributor received 2 copies of the issue his or her material appeared in; and people who helped create or distribute the magazine also received copies.

"i left this here for you to read" was featured in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Spark show. The zine was started by Tim Devin, and involved more than 250 people.

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