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Hip Mama is a zine started by Ariel Gore in 1993 but is now run by four mothers as a worker owned collective.

The zine is now published in Portland, OR., U.S.A. and deals with women, feminism, health and motherhood.

In 1997, Bee Lavender (editor of zine A Beautiful Tribute, co-editor of Breeder and author of Lessons in Taxidermy) became editor of an on-line companion to the zine.

hip Mama is a thematic quarterly of the personal stories of radically diverse experiences of parenting to promote solidarity and compassion across all boundaries, resisting the powers of silence.

As their website states "Our mission is to give a voice and platform for mothers to express their parenting choices styles that are otherwise not covered by mothering magazines. We do this through being completely reader written issues. We are pro-choice, queer friendly, single parent supporters and promote tolerance of all lifestyles."

Hip Mama accepts submissions of essays, artwork, photography, and poetry among other things.

Hip Mama is included in the West Coast Zine Collection at San Diego State University.

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