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Held Like Sound was a fanzine from the Washington-D.C.-area that was published from 1997 to 2002. Founded and edited by John Davis (later of the bands Q And Not U and Title Tracks), the zine was a follow-up to his previous publication Slanted. While Slanted focused primarily on bands from the D.C.-area, Held Like Sound increased its coverage to include bands from outside of the area.

In addition to music writing from Davis, several musicians of note contributed columns and other writing to Held Like Sound: Bob Nanna (Braid), Ted Leo, Elizabeth Elmore (Sarge), Travis Morrison (The Dismemberment Plan), Mike Kanin (Black Eyes), Chris Richards (Q And Not U), Patrick Gough (Pitchblende) and others.


Issue 1 - Braid, Jeremy Enigk, Compound Red, The Most Secret Method, The Van Pelt, Sarge, Boys Life, Polyvinyl Records - Spring 1997

Issue 2 - Shipping News, Sleepytime Trio, Traluma, Very Secretary, The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, Burning Airlines, Resin Records, The Dismemberment Plan, Arm, Franklin - Fall 1997

Issue 3 - Kerosene 454, Frodus, Lovitt Records, 90 Day Men, Ilium, Paul Newman, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Simple Machines, Castor, The Rachels, Shiner, Akashic Books, Richard Zacks - Spring 1998

Issue 4 - Fugazi, Tortoise, Art Monk Construction, Ativin, Boilermaker, Joan Of Arc, The Day of Man as Man, Neutrino, Intercities, Tree Records - Fall 1998

Issue 5 - Rainer Maria, Faraquet, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Eternals, Wobbly Rail, Matthew Shipp, Lustre King, Heroic Doses, The Gloria Records, Tristeza, American Football, The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, Pedro The Lion, Stickfigure Records - Spring/Summer 1999

Issue 6 - 1990s issue - Essays on Fugazi, Jawbox, Hoover, Tsunami, Pavement, Jawbreaker, Slint, Superchunk, The Nation of Ulysses, and Tortoise. - Winter 2000

Issue 7 - Radio 4, Convocation Of, The Dusters, Will Oldham, Engine Down, Turing Machine, Milemarker, Aloha, The Cassettes, Rocky Votolato, Haymarket Riot, American Workplace, John Dugan - Winter 2001

Issue 8 - Ted Leo, Red Monkey, Inner Ear Studios, The Dismemberment Plan, Canyon, Jenny Toomey, The Faint, El Guapo, Mark Andersen & Mark Jenkins, New Brutalism, Diastemata, Panoply Academy Legionnaires - Spring 2002


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