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Half Letter Press, founded in 2008 is the publishing imprint of Temporary Services.

"Publishing has been a regular part of our practice since we began in 1998. We have provided a large number of our booklets, books, poster-booklets, newspapers and other publications for free during exhibitions, in public situations, and as PDFs for you to download. In 2008 we decided to make plans for the future to keep our publishing economically viable and to be able to provide greater support for artists, groups, and their work. To this end, we started Half Letter Press a publishing imprint and online store." [1]

About Temporary Services

Temporary Services is Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer. With several changes in membership and structure, the group exists since 1998. The project started as an experimental exhibition space in Chicago and is now based in Chicago, Copenhagen, and Philadelphia. They produce exhibitions, events, projects, and publications and create their own methods for getting work into the public. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to them.

"Temporary Services seeks to create and participate in ethical relationships that are not competitive and are mutually beneficial. We develop strategies for harnessing the ideas and energies of people who may have never participated in an art project before, or who may feel excluded from the art community. We mobilize the generosity of many people to produce projects on a scale that none of us could achieve in isolation. We strive towards aesthetic experiences built upon trust and unlimited experimentation." [2]

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